Magliano Sabina


In a time of this rapidly growing population and the huge unemployment era, everyone wants to have asustaining income source for a living and nowadays, handyman services in Travelers Rest are so cool that with them anyone can make a good living. Some of these jobs can even help you to earn as much as some high rated professional jobs.

What does it mean by handyman jobs?


It simply means to make people’s daily work easy. It is defined as “Jack of all trades” which includes jobs as an electrician, plumber, technician, mechanic, Gardener, etc. These jobs are underrated in the market as people tend to think that this is not the thing which they deserve to do but somehow they are missing something.

There are mainly two ways to start working as a handyman


  1. Employment with a company:-

You can start a job with a firm or organization as a technician, Mechanic, maintainer, tradesman etc. The average salary for these jobs is $22 per hour in the USA. One can easily make an average $6,000 per year as a handyman; also there are few high paying jobs in this area where you can make more than $30,000 per year.

List of some high paying handyman jobs

  1. Jack of All Trades. Salary range: $28,500-$45,000 per year
  2. Swamper Salary range: $30,000-$43,500 per year
  3. Salary range: $32,500-$50,000 per year
  4. Shovel Operator. Salary range: $33,500-$53,500 per year
  1. Self-Employment:-

You can start working as a freelancer or you can start your own small business. Where you can provide several services like plumbing, Electrical solutions, home maintenance or any service of these kinds in which you feel you can work efficiently and provide effective solutions.

There are so many self-employed people out there in this kind of work who are making decent money out of it. An average self-employed handyman can make between $50,000 and $100,000 per year in income (after expenses). If you can have a small team then you can expect to make double of that amount.