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The combination padlock is one of the most innovative puzzles to add to your games kit. It’s a stylish accessory that’s innovatively created of natural wood to create an awesome gaming experience besides making your treasures safe.  It’s an important investment if you want to keep your secrets untouched and safe from glaring eyes. Browse the catalog to discover amazing and powerful combination locks for all.

Why the Combination Padlocks are Great Choices

  • Convenience and practical—the combination padlocks are more than just storage kits for tiny treasures. They are multifunctional accessories, which can be opened easily with 3 code digit. And to make things more interesting, the combination padlocks can be kept anywhere at any time to help protect tiny treasures from glaring eyes.
  • Easy to transport around—there is no complexity involved in moving around with your combination padlocks. These high-end padlocks are designed that they can be conveniently stored anywhere including tabletops, work desk, and cupboard tops. And considering their unique design that is highlighted by artistic appearance, they will help boost the decor of your rooms.
  • Genuine design—the ugears combination padlocks are characterized by sturdy and tiny cylindrical padlocks that have a plethora of combination codes. The unique design combined with the strong design of the padlocks does ensure you safely keep your tiny treasures safely, ensuring no unauthorized person gets to access them. And since they use a 3-digit sequence to create over 900 combination patterns, it is totally impossible to hack into the padlock.

Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy

  • No complex assembly work needed—the padlocks come fully packaged and ready for use. There is no complex installation work required. So don’t worry about having to spend two or three of your evening hours to set up the padlocks ready for use.
  • Nothing messy about these padlocks—the combination padlocks are uniquely and creatively designed to accommodate a variety of precious and tiny treasures. They hold these treasures, ensuring that though bulgers can get away with them, friends and relatives won’t see or know what you have stored inside.


It’s always fun investing in high-quality and affordable accessories as they do not only add to the looks of your house but also help keep your treasures safe from glares. Ugears is the world’s most trusted manufacturer of high-quality and genuine puzzles and model kits.  At, they have a great collection of high-quality and affordable 3D puzzles and model kits, which you can invest in. Choose wisely depending on personal preferences and your budget. Discover the best products that are up to your preferred décor and design. Make sure the model kits and 3D puzzles you buy have the quality designs and are strong and durable.

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