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So what the hell are Picture File Execution Options and for what reason would it be advisable for me to be worried about them. I know, the name alone is a significant piece so.lets simply call them IFEO for the remainder of this post and make things simple, OK. Truly, you ought to be concerned.very concerned.about IFEO on your Windows based PC. IFEO is a space of the library that was made to set different choices that guides Windows when a given application is run on your framework. Something can utilized by designers to run a program in a debugger to investigate an application that they are making as opposed to running the program straightforwardly. While this is all fine and great in case you are an application engineer, the issue is that Windows does not check that the application that you advise it to run rather than the program is really an authentic debugger or not.

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Allow me to show you a model so you can get the significance of the issue. Lets say that somebody for reasons unknown does not need you to have the option to run MalwareBytes on you framework. One would should simply make one basic vault key and worth in IFEO that will leave it speechless. The cycle that is executed when you click on malwarebytes is mbam.exe. You can without much of a stretch watch the cycles in task director or check out the alternate way to sort this out. Then, at that point, add a library key called mbam.exe in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options utilizing regedit and visit

Notice the mbam.exe key that was made in Picture File Execution Options. When they key is added, increase the value of the critical named debugger as displayed in the picture. Double tap on the debugger worth and you will see an exchange box that will permit you to added a way to the executable that you might want to run rather than mbam.exe. This can be ANYTHING that you need. Think about the this case I added a way to c.\test.exe, which does not exist. At the point when you attempt to execute MalwareBytes, it would not run. There is a ton of malware out there that is doing only this. They are adding a huge rundown of known security applications to they IFEO key with the goal that when you endeavor to run them, they either do not run by any stretch of the imagination, or really dispatch one more duplicate of the infection executable itself.